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As a committed father of three kids under 12, I realize the importance of being in their lives every day. I’m there for their highs, lows, joys, struggles…I know some would consider me exceptional, though I know of many other fathers like me. We all feel it is a privilege and honor to raise our children. Their safety and well-being is our daily concern. With our love and involvement, our influence cannot be expressed enough.

I have been blessed over the years to have a number of family friends who are fathers.  We share the same conviction of raising our children as committed fathers.  Through our getting together over the years we have laughed, cried, and celebrated in the context of family.  Much of my inspiration for Heartsofatherhood.org is drawn from these experiences.

As a career educator for close to 15 years, I have a great love working with children.  So much of their success is contingent upon having a father influence, biological or otherwise.  I have even found myself serving more in a fatherly capacity, especially for children who lack that influence.  Not surprisingly, my efforts in education have helped birth out a passion for fatherhood in our neighborhoods and communities.

In recent years I have begun organizing in the community to advance fatherhood.  After organizing a successful community event for fatherhood in Racine, WI. a few years ago, I continued my efforts working with the Focus on Fathers Initiative of the YMCA. One of the things we do is host many “Daddy Day Out” events every year.  These are free events where we encourage fathers to come out and enjoy time with their children.

Heartofatherhood.org reflects my continued commitment to fatherhood in our communities. This project will be constantly evolving, namely because I am designing it to be organic.  Contributions from like-minded individuals like you are what will make Heartsofatherhood.org a great, growing community that will empower fatherhood and reclaim the narrative on their behalf.  I would be honored to have your involvement in this noble endeavor.  Thank you!


Eric Hopkins

e-mail:  erichopkins99@yahoo.com



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